“Add” Page Removed

In the interest in keeping the spam database full of only legitimate spammers, we have decided to stop accepting spammers via our “Add” spammers page. We are currently developing a set of tools that will provide other means of collecting spam data for your protection. Thank you all who have submitted spammers via that page in the past.

We look forward to continually serving you.

2 Responses to ““Add” Page Removed”

  1. Adding spammers found spamming on forums (I admin a forum that was a spammer paradise but got it finally under control and now they are only spamming the Coppermine gallery) I found useful for those checking out new forum members before they get a chance to spam.

    I am interested in what alternatives there will be now that we can’t add spammer information.

  2. If we can’t add any spammers, then how do we get the information to you? I keep getting emails OVER AND OVER from someone wanting to help me increase traffic to my site and I am sick of getting them and want to report them. But I see no place on here to do that.

    In case it’s something you do, her address is: lisaalderman.123@gmail.com and user name is Larina Sara.

    Thank you. I rely on this site a lot!

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