Changelog, Site Updates

Whew, it’s been a long night of updating the site..

I would like to introduce the forum. It’s located @ . Here we can discuss everything spam and everything FSpamlist! Want to see a feature on the site? We want to hear from you! Do you have a large list of forum spammer’s names that you would like to submit, but don’t want to enter them one by one on the main site? There’s a section for that in the forum! So head on over and let’s get to crackin’ down some spam!

I’ve seen a need for more features on the site… They are as follows:

-Updated cosmetics a tad
-Searches return the number of matching data instead of just saying “Match(es) Found” e.g. “42 Matches Found”
-Added spammer’s name at the top of the Spammer Profile Pages (accessible by clicking on a spammer’s name after a search)
– Added the ability to add comments about a spammer on the Spammer Profile Pages. Now you can tell others why that name is listed. Any text can be added; you can add what kind of link the spammer posts, or how often the spammer posts, ect, ect,… use it for anything. (Note: You need a valid e-mail address to comment on a spammer. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail with an authorization code inside.)
-Changed one of the randomized goofy spam pictures that shows on the Spammer Profile Page (send in more funny pictures to josh -at- fspamlist -dot- com to be rotated)

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