This one’s for the books ladies and gentlemen! As foreshadowed in my previous post, I have finished updating the add function to accept a large number of spammers at one time, given that they are separated by a comma.

That’s a big personal leap for me because that alway has been my intention for this online database. Who wants to enter names in one by one? Not me.

Here’s a tip: If you’ve ever done any looking around, you’d know that spammer lists are often posted in blogs and or forums vertically and without commas. Well, the workaround is simple.

Here is a list of spammers that were posted at TheAdminZone forums.


This is a common way to share known spammers. Here, all the data has something in common. First, they are all e-mail addresses (and that is good in this case). Second, they all contain “*@” (good, that is the proper way to use wildcards). Well, all you would have to do is copy and paste those names into your favorite text editor (notepad, or such) and use the replace function to replace “*@” (asterisk, @ symbol) with “,*@” (comma, asterisk, & @ symbol). That will give you something that looks like this:


Now all you have to do is delete the first comma as there is no spammer e-mail in front of it. Even thought the separating commas aren’t on the same line as the e-mail addresses, they are the next thing after an e-mail address therefore it will work. Now, of course this is a rather short list, so it may be faster just to put the commas in manually, but, this tut is for bigger lists.

Now with usernames or other data that doesn’t contain any like text (e.g. *@) You’ll have to try a little trickier method.

If you come across a list of VERTICAL (meaning listed on multiple lines) USERNAMES (that contain no like data on the ends), copy and paste that list into MS Word (may have the functionality needed on others). From there, press ctrl+F to bring up the find menu, then click on “Replace”. Tell Word to look for a”Manual Line Break” . This can be accomplished by clicking on “More >>” and then “Special”. A menu will come up and choose “Manual Line Break”. You can skip all that by knowing that a manual line break is represented by “^l” (an el “L”) , just enter that in the “Find what” box. Next, just put a comma “,” in the Replace with box. What this does is replace all the line breaks with a comma “,” thus making a comma separated list in one line.

Here is a picture:


There, that’s it. Just copy and paste the edited text in the add page of Fspamlist.

I know my instructions aren’t that clear. If you have any questions just drop them in the comments section of this post.

Spammers in the database: 2506
That’s an increase of 455 since last counted.

Index Page Views: 496
That’s an increase of 222 since last counted.