Changelog, Security

Added a little security to the add spammer page due to the increasing amount of spam entries received (To date its only been around 7 entries) . Yea, this isn’t as good as CAPTCHA, but it will work for now.

Oh, and thanks to the patron who entered just over 3100 names to the database this evening. If you are the person that entered all these names, please contact me in the comments of this post. I would like to speak with you about the origin of these names and to properly thank you. I’ve looked through a handful of these names and they appear good, but I just want to make sure. Again, thank you for your contribution.

And a special thanks to EVERYONE that has been generous enough to enter spam data into this site! We need all the data we can get. Thanks again!


Hopefully updated the spammer profile pages to look a tad better and easier to read.


As requested in the forums, I have now started logging the dates that the spammer data has first been entered. This date data can be seen on the spammer profile page of any particular spammer. All entries added before today will specify “an unknown date” . Sorry, I should have thought about this sooner.

Tweaks, Changlog

I’ve done a little updating around the site. The biggest update would be the switching from names to numbers when viewing a spammer profile page. I noticed that if a spacey name was entered or a name not formatted correctly, you could not go to the spammer profile page. I’ve fixed this by switching over to the spammer’s id number to get to the spammer profile page.

e.g. The URL that used to be

is now . So there shouldn’t be a problem getting to the pages now.

Also, I noticed that some spammer data messed up somewhere in formatting and created some spaces so it wasn’t easy to copy and paste and put it in the ban list after exportation. Now, I’ve made sure to trim the data of spaces and lines when you export.

Let me know if this messed anything up.


This one’s for the books ladies and gentlemen! As foreshadowed in my previous post, I have finished updating the add function to accept a large number of spammers at one time, given that they are separated by a comma.

That’s a big personal leap for me because that alway has been my intention for this online database. Who wants to enter names in one by one? Not me.

Here’s a tip: If you’ve ever done any looking around, you’d know that spammer lists are often posted in blogs and or forums vertically and without commas. Well, the workaround is simple.

Here is a list of spammers that were posted at TheAdminZone forums.


This is a common way to share known spammers. Here, all the data has something in common. First, they are all e-mail addresses (and that is good in this case). Second, they all contain “*@” (good, that is the proper way to use wildcards). Well, all you would have to do is copy and paste those names into your favorite text editor (notepad, or such) and use the replace function to replace “*@” (asterisk, @ symbol) with “,*@” (comma, asterisk, & @ symbol). That will give you something that looks like this:


Now all you have to do is delete the first comma as there is no spammer e-mail in front of it. Even thought the separating commas aren’t on the same line as the e-mail addresses, they are the next thing after an e-mail address therefore it will work. Now, of course this is a rather short list, so it may be faster just to put the commas in manually, but, this tut is for bigger lists.

Now with usernames or other data that doesn’t contain any like text (e.g. *@) You’ll have to try a little trickier method.

If you come across a list of VERTICAL (meaning listed on multiple lines) USERNAMES (that contain no like data on the ends), copy and paste that list into MS Word (may have the functionality needed on others). From there, press ctrl+F to bring up the find menu, then click on “Replace”. Tell Word to look for a”Manual Line Break” . This can be accomplished by clicking on “More >>” and then “Special”. A menu will come up and choose “Manual Line Break”. You can skip all that by knowing that a manual line break is represented by “^l” (an el “L”) , just enter that in the “Find what” box. Next, just put a comma “,” in the Replace with box. What this does is replace all the line breaks with a comma “,” thus making a comma separated list in one line.

Here is a picture:


There, that’s it. Just copy and paste the edited text in the add page of Fspamlist.

I know my instructions aren’t that clear. If you have any questions just drop them in the comments section of this post.

Spammers in the database: 2506
That’s an increase of 455 since last counted.

Index Page Views: 496
That’s an increase of 222 since last counted.

Get Ready

With A LOT help from a friend (thanks Jay), I figured out a way for the multiple names entry when adding spammers into the database to work.

So, forget adding spammers into the database 1 by 1, soon you’ll be able to enter as many names as you want at a time! I find this to be a GREAT thing for the database. Expect the database to increase ten-fold in the coming weeks. I’ve now have to work out an export system that will limit the amount of names it can export.

And, Jay also helped me tighten security a tad. So expect new things in the future!

Something I’ve noticed.

When I originally wrote the FSpamlist database program, I was originally writing it for phpBB. Looking around in phpBB’s ban list options, I noticed it said this:

To specify more than one email address, separate them with commas. To specify a wildcard username, use * like *

Now I automatically assumed that ALL wildcard (*) locations would work. So, if I wanted to have a wildcard after the @ symbol I could. For example, if I wanted to ban every single e-mail from the .ru domain, I would add *@*.ru to the ban list. That should work right? Well I went to to investigate. Once I was there I noticed that someone had come up with a ban list update that WOULD allow you to use multiple wildcards in your ban list. Here is the description:

Upgrades the ability to use wilcards in banning email adresses by allowing the banning of entire groups of domains. For isnstance, just adding *@yahoo.* to the ban list, will ban email addresses at all of yahoo’s many international email domains, such as,,, etc.

But reading further in the forum, I can see that this mod didn’t work all the time. But towards the end of the thread, I noticed that one person said that he/she installed it on 2.0.22 and it worked perfectly..

So, I am pretty sure that a modification is needed to make the 10 spammers that are currently in the database with the *@* wildcard method to work. I am not sure there is a definite solution yet. If you want to check the thread over @ phpbb, follow this link:

Changelog, Site Updates

Whew, it’s been a long night of updating the site..

I would like to introduce the forum. It’s located @ . Here we can discuss everything spam and everything FSpamlist! Want to see a feature on the site? We want to hear from you! Do you have a large list of forum spammer’s names that you would like to submit, but don’t want to enter them one by one on the main site? There’s a section for that in the forum! So head on over and let’s get to crackin’ down some spam!

I’ve seen a need for more features on the site… They are as follows:

-Updated cosmetics a tad
-Searches return the number of matching data instead of just saying “Match(es) Found” e.g. “42 Matches Found”
-Added spammer’s name at the top of the Spammer Profile Pages (accessible by clicking on a spammer’s name after a search)
– Added the ability to add comments about a spammer on the Spammer Profile Pages. Now you can tell others why that name is listed. Any text can be added; you can add what kind of link the spammer posts, or how often the spammer posts, ect, ect,… use it for anything. (Note: You need a valid e-mail address to comment on a spammer. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail with an authorization code inside.)
-Changed one of the randomized goofy spam pictures that shows on the Spammer Profile Page (send in more funny pictures to josh -at- fspamlist -dot- com to be rotated)

Unique Spammers:? 2051
Index Page Views: 274


Done with a preliminary version of the flag erroneous spammer data function that was mentioned in my previous post. It too can be accessed from the Spammer Profile Page via a link at the bottom of the page.

All flagged entries will be evaluated by me. No flagged entry can be deleted by anyone else.

I’ll be updating it in the coming days. I’ll add some security mesures to check against false-false-positives… haha