Something I’ve noticed.

When I originally wrote the FSpamlist database program, I was originally writing it for phpBB. Looking around in phpBB’s ban list options, I noticed it said this:

To specify more than one email address, separate them with commas. To specify a wildcard username, use * like *

Now I automatically assumed that ALL wildcard (*) locations would work. So, if I wanted to have a wildcard after the @ symbol I could. For example, if I wanted to ban every single e-mail from the .ru domain, I would add *@*.ru to the ban list. That should work right? Well I went to to investigate. Once I was there I noticed that someone had come up with a ban list update that WOULD allow you to use multiple wildcards in your ban list. Here is the description:

Upgrades the ability to use wilcards in banning email adresses by allowing the banning of entire groups of domains. For isnstance, just adding *@yahoo.* to the ban list, will ban email addresses at all of yahoo’s many international email domains, such as,,, etc.

But reading further in the forum, I can see that this mod didn’t work all the time. But towards the end of the thread, I noticed that one person said that he/she installed it on 2.0.22 and it worked perfectly..

So, I am pretty sure that a modification is needed to make the 10 spammers that are currently in the database with the *@* wildcard method to work. I am not sure there is a definite solution yet. If you want to check the thread over @ phpbb, follow this link:

Changelog, Site Updates

Whew, it’s been a long night of updating the site..

I would like to introduce the forum. It’s located @ . Here we can discuss everything spam and everything FSpamlist! Want to see a feature on the site? We want to hear from you! Do you have a large list of forum spammer’s names that you would like to submit, but don’t want to enter them one by one on the main site? There’s a section for that in the forum! So head on over and let’s get to crackin’ down some spam!

I’ve seen a need for more features on the site… They are as follows:

-Updated cosmetics a tad
-Searches return the number of matching data instead of just saying “Match(es) Found” e.g. “42 Matches Found”
-Added spammer’s name at the top of the Spammer Profile Pages (accessible by clicking on a spammer’s name after a search)
– Added the ability to add comments about a spammer on the Spammer Profile Pages. Now you can tell others why that name is listed. Any text can be added; you can add what kind of link the spammer posts, or how often the spammer posts, ect, ect,… use it for anything. (Note: You need a valid e-mail address to comment on a spammer. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail with an authorization code inside.)
-Changed one of the randomized goofy spam pictures that shows on the Spammer Profile Page (send in more funny pictures to josh -at- fspamlist -dot- com to be rotated)

Unique Spammers:? 2051
Index Page Views: 274


Done with a preliminary version of the flag erroneous spammer data function that was mentioned in my previous post. It too can be accessed from the Spammer Profile Page via a link at the bottom of the page.

All flagged entries will be evaluated by me. No flagged entry can be deleted by anyone else.

I’ll be updating it in the coming days. I’ll add some security mesures to check against false-false-positives… haha


Added a link to search Google with the spammer data to see if any matches show. This may be helpful in confirming the validity and or threat of a spammer. To see this link, click on a spammer’s name/email/or ip address to go to the spammer profile page. From there, you can scroll down to the bottom to click on the Google link.

P.S. I’ve noticed a funny name in the database (weird characters). I’ve since deleted it and I’ve decided to implement a flag system in which users can flag a name that they think is a false positive or faulty. I’ll be working on this in the coming days.

New Updates….

Welcome to the Official FSpamlist blog!

I’ve been fiddling around with the database today and I’ve added a couple things…

New Features:
-Moved to a better server (thanks: HASTYHOST.COM)
-Got domain name: (Update your bookmarks)
-Cleaned up web-interface look (fonts,tables, ect)
-Spammer Profile Pages
-This blog!

This blog is so I can inform fspamlist’s users of stats,news,and upcoming features. I also want to hear from you in the comments… I want to hear site suggestions, how I can improve the database, and general info that I might not know about.

Hopefully this will be a great tool for all of our benefit.

If you don’t know what FSpamlist is, please read this page.

Spammers names/emails/ip addresses in database: 1540