New Updates….

Welcome to the Official FSpamlist blog!

I’ve been fiddling around with the database today and I’ve added a couple things…

New Features:
-Moved to a better server (thanks: HASTYHOST.COM)
-Got domain name: (Update your bookmarks)
-Cleaned up web-interface look (fonts,tables, ect)
-Spammer Profile Pages
-This blog!

This blog is so I can inform fspamlist’s users of stats,news,and upcoming features. I also want to hear from you in the comments… I want to hear site suggestions, how I can improve the database, and general info that I might not know about.

Hopefully this will be a great tool for all of our benefit.

If you don’t know what FSpamlist is, please read this page.

Spammers names/emails/ip addresses in database: 1540