Bugfixes, updates

Hello. Just a note to drop in the blog about bugfixes and updates being performed around the site.

As you may have noticed from the front page news section, the front page spammers now run off of a cache that updates every 5 days. This increases the page loading time for a better experience on the site.

I also found a bug in the API where old wildcard e-mails were not being searched in when performing an API call. The SQL has been updated to include this older data which includes around 3700 wildcard e-mails.

I have also tweaked the process that automatically finds spammers in the API logs based on heuristic information to include …. well …. more heuristics. Based on some preliminary data, this should increase the amount of spammers added to the database by 50%.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a great 2014 for FSpamList!