Improved Searches

I have gone too long without digging into this but the search function on now works with wildcard domains.

So, if * exists in the database and you search for , the search will return with the result of * to let you know that no username at that domain can be trusted.

Edit: Also, MysteryFCM has fixed the export bugs. (which we are trying to move away from away to encourage installing his phpbb2/3 and many more mod that will integrate directly with your forum for up-to-date blocking capabilities)


and for integration into your forums software see:

Not forgotten

Hey folks, it’s been a slow recovery from the last site down time and I just wanted to tell everyone that I haven’t forgotten about this little project and plan to devote time to get everything up to speed again. If you account has not been verified, I will do so in the future. Sorry for the delay!