Site Updates, Changelog

Added a bulk search page where a user can obtain results on several suspected spammers at once. This is only v1 of this search and I already know what I am going to do for v2..

v2 will have better search capabilities matching your queries even better by splitting your email queries in two and running the two parts through the system (name@domain) to return partial matches. Also, I will provide you with a few possible results if you should happen to get a partial match.

Hope this helps!

P.S. We’ve passed the 10,000 spammer mark! Thanks to all who made this possible!

Things are moving along…

Wow, I haven’t talked of the project recently, maybe due to a lack of updates.. The only real update that I have made is the “Related Spammers” bit in which one can see any spammers with similar usernames in the e-mail address. The script only looks at the name, not the domain ( portion to find related spammers.

The forum is slowing growing

and the honeypot is coming along great…

To date there are 9558 uniquely identified spammers in the database! Thanks to all who are making this possible!

And thanks to everyone that is posting about this project on his/her websites and forums!

Oh, and I have started an ad program: I will advertise a banner for your site on the main page if you have contributed to the database. Read about it here.