If you’ve been around the site long enough, you know that there has been a lot of small tweaks around the site. Mainly, we are trying to increase security. The changes stem from stuff you see, to a lot of it that you don’t. I will try and recall most of the changes here.

  • You now need to be registered to enter spammer data.
  • Even thou you are registered and logged in, you still need to answer the? security phrase prompt when entering spammers.
  • Now you are able to generate SQL format files to run against your phpbb_banlist table to ban e-mails, but you need to be a registered member to download these. (Goto Export: Emails and choose from the SQL options)
  • All registrations have to go through me before you can log in. Old registrars are “grandfathered” in. It may take 24-48 hours for me to review your account.
  • The forums are now gone. (We have moved to a new server with less bandwidth, and I didn’t see much value in the one we had.)
  • To replace the forum (partially), I have set up a message system where you will receive system messages. You will be alerted by a javascript prompt on the main page (index.php) if you have a new message.
  • There may be other things but I can’t think of any more right now.

It’s a new year and a new day. Hopefully we will have a good 2008!

Email Export Options (Changelog)

Due to the growing size of the database,? a user may wish to export only the wildcard email addresses as they significantly reduce redundancy of the list, making them easier to process into ban lists. This does however leave out some “bannable” email address domains that weren’t entered as wildcard domains. You can decide which list suits you best.

This option presents itself when you click Export: Emails in the menu.

Let me know what you think.