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Huneyp0t forum opened.

D0 N0T for any reason register for this forum. I have updated the script to automatically add the email and username provided to the Fspamlist database.

The forum is located @ http://www.fspAMlisT.com/phpbb2/





Warning: This now adds all posts/regs to the database too.

Site Updates

Didn’t like how the site looked with the gradient.. I think I took it too far! But I have made a watermark background and returned the gray bar at the top… Keep it simple I say. It’s just a database. Any design ideas can be left in the comments section. Please help if you feel you can.

Updated a couple things on the site as well.. No search can be less than 3 characters, ’cause searching for “a” would bring up a lot of results..

Also, we are now a part of Project Honey Pot . Hopefully we can do some good.

Changelog, Register & Login

You can now register for the main site and login..

You can’t do much now.. but you will later.. on your user page, you can see your last 20 entries, as well as how many total names you have entered.

Also, when you are logged in….when you go to add some spam data.. the verification box is filled in for you. How nice…

Also, when you are logged in a add spam data.. on that spammer profile page, it will say it was added by you.

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