Tweaks, Changlog

Due to the size of the database, I’ve forced the export results to display as a file download. Now, any time you want to export the ban lists, you will be prompted with a download window. This makes managing the ban lists a little easier.

Note: Notepad will take a long time opening these files, it is strongly recommended that you use WordPad or similar.

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug in the “Export These Results” link that would often times yield too many results. This was caused by not limiting the results to a certain type of spammer if the user specified one during his/her search.

One other thing…

I’ve updated the code on the view.php page that searches for similarities on both sides of the “@” in a spammer’s e-mail address. So now, more results show up under the “Related Spammers:” section of the page. Note: if there are too many matches for related spammers–not all of them are shown.

A shorter way to search…

I’ve written a little redirect section of code that makes linking to a search query a little easier.

Instead of typing* to search for records on *

you can now use:*

Note: This method searches all types by default.