Threat Scores Flipped

Just a quick note: all of the threat scores have been flipped, meaning, the higher the threat score, the more prolific/widespread a spammer has been recently (capped at 100). This change is to facilitate an easier understanding of visual representations of threat scores (charts) which will be present on the spammer profile pages soon. Right now, we are in the baseline data phase and will be rolling out this feature as soon as possible.

Public API

We’ve just released a public API key which can be used to test the API functionality without registering a personal account first. This is meant for testing purposes only and should not be used on your production websites as it may stop functioning at any time. There are only a limited amount of API calls available daily so if you need to ensure access to the API, please register for an account.

The public API key is, “public”. Use this key in place of your existing API key in query string calls; an example is below:

Additionally, you can just leave off of key parameter and the API will assume you’re using the public key.

For more information on our API, please visit the API page: