Site Updates, CSS

In the process of moving over the site to using CSS. I’ve experimented with it a little bit, hopefully I didn’t over-do it. And if you are using IE v6 or earlier, my transparent PNG image (logo) may not appear properly… I recommend you upgrade your browser.

So tell me what you think of the site’s new design.

Changelog, Security

Added a little security to the add spammer page due to the increasing amount of spam entries received (To date its only been around 7 entries) . Yea, this isn’t as good as CAPTCHA, but it will work for now.

Oh, and thanks to the patron who entered just over 3100 names to the database this evening. If you are the person that entered all these names, please contact me in the comments of this post. I would like to speak with you about the origin of these names and to properly thank you. I’ve looked through a handful of these names and they appear good, but I just want to make sure. Again, thank you for your contribution.

And a special thanks to EVERYONE that has been generous enough to enter spam data into this site! We need all the data we can get. Thanks again!


Hopefully updated the spammer profile pages to look a tad better and easier to read.


As requested in the forums, I have now started logging the dates that the spammer data has first been entered. This date data can be seen on the spammer profile page of any particular spammer. All entries added before today will specify “an unknown date” . Sorry, I should have thought about this sooner.

Tweaks, Changlog

I’ve done a little updating around the site. The biggest update would be the switching from names to numbers when viewing a spammer profile page. I noticed that if a spacey name was entered or a name not formatted correctly, you could not go to the spammer profile page. I’ve fixed this by switching over to the spammer’s id number to get to the spammer profile page.

e.g. The URL that used to be

is now . So there shouldn’t be a problem getting to the pages now.

Also, I noticed that some spammer data messed up somewhere in formatting and created some spaces so it wasn’t easy to copy and paste and put it in the ban list after exportation. Now, I’ve made sure to trim the data of spaces and lines when you export.

Let me know if this messed anything up.