I’ve done a few things in the backend to make things run a litter faster.

First, I’ve moved all of the spammers that haven’t been seen since 2009 out of the main db, but still made them searchable via the web interface. The API calls no longer will have to sort through those.

Second, I am now caching a large number of the latest reported spammers so the API looks in the cache first. The cache is updated daily.

As for a new feature, I have taken out the old “threat” level system that was basically useless and turned it into information you can actually use. The new threat system automatically gives a rating to each and every spammer based on a number of factors such as when the spammer was reported, when it was last seen, and the number of times it has been reported. Values close to 0 are more of a threat. In the future, I would like to implement a threat history so you can see how a spammer’s threat has increased or decreased over time. These threat levels can be seen on a spammer’s profile page.