I know some of you have had to wait a few days for your registration to be processed, and I thought I’d inform you of why.

The reason for the delay, is because the website you tell us you own, is checked for it’s content (i.e. whether or not it’s malicious). This may seem a bit OTT, but this is an additional measure to prevent bad guys getting hold of API keys to poison the database.

If you tell us you own for example (and yep, we get quite a few of those), your registration is rejected. If you do not specify a website, your registration is rejected (remember, is primarily an anti-spammer database, for use with forums, guestbooks, blogs and websites).

API Limits

New API limits have been imposed on both the new and old “check” APIs. The limit is 5000 per day. If you or your scripts exceed this, you will be met with a general server error. If for some reason you need the limit expanded, please contact us.

Also, please report any errors you encounter.


Recent Changes

There has been a lot going on (mostly behind the scenes) to update FSpamlist and I would like to detail some changes below (in no particular order).

More to come, please suggest additions in the comments below.

Thank you,


Changes coming soon

A total re-code and redesign of the site is coming soon. I wanted to make the site faster and easier to manage. Some old functions will be replaced with newer, better ones. FSpamlist is one of the very first sites I’ve coded so it is about time I recoded it to be better. Feel free to offer suggestions when its up. Check back soon.

Live View

The “recent scumbags” line on FSpamlist’s homepage will now automatically update when a new spammer is added. No refreshing is needed. When the spammers are on the rise, you can sit and watch them being caught. FUN FUN FUN

Improved Searches

I have gone too long without digging into this but the search function on now works with wildcard domains.

So, if * exists in the database and you search for , the search will return with the result of * to let you know that no username at that domain can be trusted.

Edit: Also, MysteryFCM has fixed the export bugs. (which we are trying to move away from away to encourage installing his phpbb2/3 and many more mod that will integrate directly with your forum for up-to-date blocking capabilities)


and for integration into your forums software see:

Not forgotten

Hey folks, it’s been a slow recovery from the last site down time and I just wanted to tell everyone that I haven’t forgotten about this little project and plan to devote time to get everything up to speed again. If you account has not been verified, I will do so in the future. Sorry for the delay!